GAME customers around the World are excited about our AquaGlow®, AquaQuik®, Derby Duck®, Turbo Turtle®, and Derby Dolphin products! Read their comments and then see for yourself by becoming a GAME customer.

Consumer in La Mirada, California:

“When not in the pool, my kids play with the Underwater Light Show in their room with the lights off. It makes colorful images on the wall. Almost like being in a dance club with all the lights. This is alternate fun use of this product.”

Consumer in Bonita Springs, Florida:

“I give the Starship five stars because I just do not see how they could improve it, beyond adding an internal rechargeable battery system (not solar). As it is, I am going to purchase two more and have three going at my next pool party.”

Consumer in Front Range, Colorado:

“What a great way to light the pool bottom. Lights, colors, movement, a floating disco ball. I’m glad that my girls 6 & 8 haven’t figured that they can bring it in the house (I tried it when they weren’t around.) We have a 12-foot pool with 32″ of water and it is perfect. This just adds another dimension to the water, to play, to snorkel,and to ‘Pool Party’!! Plus, this light is in the pool, so it isn’t something shining into the neighbors window.”

Consumer in Massachusetts:

“Just want to say the Underwater Light Show & Fountain is so cool and what a show it puts out..It mesmerizes everyone who watches it..You won’t be sorry you bought this…Great buy!! Love my fountain/color show.”

Consumer in Northwest Arizona:

“I bought the Rainbow Fountain for my sister’s new in ground pool, not knowing what to expect. When the package arrived, I thought “This is a lot smaller than it looked online”. But to my surprise, it’s small, but works great. She loves it. And for a product that uses water pressure only to light up the colors, it works very well. The fountain shoots pretty far, but you control by turning the faucet up or down. The colors change and are pretty effective. Overall a very good product.”

Consumer in Vermont:

“Using this pool vaccum is way more convenient to use than the hose vacuum, there is no set up, just grab it and start pumping!”

Consumer in Wilton Manors, FL:

“I love my Underwater Light Show. I’ve seen neighbors spend thousand of dollars on fancy LED lighting for their pools and my Underwater Light Show looks better than all their lights put together! Not only does it look great, the Underwater Light Show is a great conversation starter and the kids really love it. It’s a terrific product and I plan on buying several more.”

Consumer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

“Great price for a cool accessory. The LEDs are bright. Alternating light patterns are snazzy. I purchased 4 of these for my 18′ x 33′ x 52′ A?G pool and this is about the right amount for the size. Does a good job of projecting the patterns to the bottom of the pool. Glad I made the purchase. The kids think these are really cool.”

Consumer in Florida:

“WOW! That is the only thing that comes to mind about my recent purchase of the Disco Pool Light. We decided to have a pool party/house warming party for our new home. They were such a hit! They are so easy to use, just put in the batteries and press the button. Really, they are that easy, and enjoy the show.”

Consumer in Arizona:

“These lanterns are Fantastic! I thought that they came in different colors, but they are all clear colored. The lanterns change colors when you turn them on. Good price too!”

Consumer in Portland, Oregon:

“This product can be used in a pool as described but we are also using it for Halloween and a 70’s party we are having. It’s nice to have a versatile product all in one!”

Buyer of a major national chain of pool and spa stores:

“The Derby Duck Chlorinator is by far our number one unit and dollar producer in the category and out-sells the competition 4 to 1.”

Business Analyst of a major national chain of pool and spa stores:

“The GAME line is the shining jewel of the entire set; it consistently out-performs all other products.”