ePool® Smart System Software/Firmware Updates

Please note: this item has been discontinued. No software updates are available as this item is no longer being manufactured.

For the Next Generation ePool (version 3) Only. Will not work for earlier ePool systems.
See Release Notes after the Download Links.

PC (XP and higher) Software, Latest Version
Version 2.171 – rel. 7/25/2013

Previous Versions
Version 2.151 – rel. 5/24/2013
Version 1.126 – rel. 9/1/2012

Mac OS (10.5 and higher) Software, Latest Version
Version 2.151 – Rel. 6/10/2013 – .dmg installer version
Version 2.151 – Rel. 6/10/2013 – .mpkg installer version

NoteFor MacOS systems experiencing installation issues, please use the following separated installation steps:
1) Install Receiver USB drivers – FTDI Driver Package
Then, the application:
2a) Application Only Version 2.151 – Rel. 6/10/2013 – .dmg installer version
2b) Application Only Version 2.151 – Rel. 6/10/2013 – .mpkg installer version

Firmware Updates
PC Only:
Receiver Firmware Update – Rel. 7/3/13 – Download is a PDF file which contains a link to the Bootloader Installer and firmware file.

NOTE: The instructions are designed for a person with user-level computer expertise. Please read and follow the installation instructions carefully and you should have no problems with installation. If you are having trouble, please contact GAME Customer Support at 1-888-382-5988.

Firmware Release Notes:
–       This update addresses the occasional USB “hang” issues experienced in some systems, which require the user to unplug the Receiver and plug it back in to re-establish connection to the Probe.
–       At this time, there is no available MacOS update software from the chip manufacturer. If you are having an issue as described above, are using a MacOS computer and have no access to a Windows-based computer, please contact GAME Customer Cupport at 1-888-382-5988.
–       KNOWN ISSUE: In some cases, the Installer software “hangs” and will not continue. This is an issue with the installed Java package on the computer, not the Installer. If this happens, the user should go to http://java.sun.com and install the most recent Java SE package ( a free download ). In some cases, un-installation of the existing (usually non-Sun) Java package, and installation of the standard Java SE package may be necessary.


  • 2.171 – Fixed Sanitizer type reverting to default after restart; Fixed Sanitizer amounts set to Metric.
  • Added “Wizard Mode” vs. “Advanced Mode.” Wizard Mode averages readings over a running 24 hour period in order to reduce false alerts. Advanced Mode responds to data real-time.
  • Added ability to calibrate PPM readings to current ORP measurement, rather than relying on ideal data tables alone.
  • Changed minimum and maximum capability for calculations.
  • Changed communication indicators.
  • Changed range for ORP and pH targets.
  • Streamlined initial installation process.
  • Fixed Check Chemistry Reminders.