Corporate Facts

Great American Merchandise and Events (GAME)

A cutting-edge innovator in the special event marketing and merchandise industries. With a strong presence throughout the United States and seven other countries, GAME provides services to diverse non-profit organizations that raise millions of dollars for charities across the globe.

For more information about our “Fun”draising Events, please visit our Fundraising Site.

The success of the Derby Duck® and Turbo Turtle® Races have spun off a retail line of pool, spa, toy and specialty merchandise available around the world. Please visit our Amazon Brand Store to view our product lineup!

Official Mascots

  • Derby Duck®
  • Derby Dolphin™
  • Surfin’ Shark™
  • Orca Whale™

Professional Affiliations

  • Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP)
  • General Merchandise Distributor Council (GMDC)
  • National Spa & Pool Institute (NSPI)


To delight our customers by providing a continuous cycle of innovative products delivered with uncompromising value, quality and service.


To be the leader in continuous innovation and production of FUN Products and Services that transforms the ordinary pleasures of life into unique and remarkable experiences.


GAME™ started in 1988 as a fundraising idea for the Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Arizona. The first race was such a success that GAME took the Duck Race idea and formed a company that could help other charitable organizations raise tons of money through this unique community event. We raise millions of dollars for these organizations every year. For additional information about our duck races, visit our Fundraising Site or click the banner above.


Do you have an Idea, New Product or Invention?

We would love to hear about it! GAME is always looking for new and innovative ideas for our growing product lines. GAME’s core business focuses on outdoor lifestyle and maintenance products for use in and around the pool and patio. We are actively exploring and expanding into other categories.  Our current customer base includes retailers such as Wal-mart, Target, K-mart, Home Depot and Lowes as well as major Pool and Spa retailers. GAME brings years of experience, know-how, a global infrastructure and the necessary funding to take charge of your product to achieve international success.

An example of our successful partnership with Inventors:

The idea for the Underwater Light Show, a “self-contained light show” that creates a myriad of lighting pattern in a pool, was brought to GAME by an inventor. GAME worked closely with the inventor to develop this concept into a viable product. It is currently sold by all major retailers in the US as well as overseas. It is a partnership that has proven to be successful for all parties.


If you are interested in submitting your idea to GAME, please fill out the form below to receive our Submission Guidelines and all pertinent forms and agreements.  We do not accept any submissions that do not adhere to our guidelines.

Once we have received the signed documents we will start the review process.  We look forward to working with you!

I understand that you are permitting me to voluntarily submit to GREAT AMERICAN DUCK RACES, INC., dba GREAT AMERICAN MERCHANDISE & EVENTS (“GAME”) my inventions, designs, sketches, models, concepts or other materials, including any additional or supplemental submissions (all hereinafter referred to as “Materials”), that GAME both develops internally and has suggested to it many concepts for future products, and that there is the possibility that certain such concepts are similar to the Materials that I might submit to you.  In consideration for GAME’s willingness to review my submission for possible licensing, I understand and agree as follows: (i) Game has no obligation to license or otherwise compensate me for Materials that are similar to concepts developed by GAME internally or submitted by third parties; (ii) My submission to GAME is not made in confidence and no obligation is undertaken by GAME to license the Materials by virtue of the submission itself, and unless and until a formal, written contract is signed, and then the obligation shall be only that which is expressed in the formal, written contract;  (iii) Under no circumstances will I ever contend that GAME is obligated to me based on any oral or implied-in-fact contract or confidential relationship arising from my submission or Materials or otherwise arising from GAME’s review of my Materials; (iv) Under no circumstance will GAME be obligated to me in any manner based upon my submission of Materials except under the patent and/or copyright laws of the United States; (v) GAME’s willingness to review my materials does not constitute an admission by GAME of novelty, priority, or originality and does not impair GAME’s right to contest existing or future patents claiming the Materials; and (vi) GAME has no obligation to compensate me for any damage, which may occur to my Materials during shipping. I hereby represent that I have the right to submit the Materials under the foregoing terms and conditions, which also shall apply to any further information concerning the Materials that I elect to submit.

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    By clicking SUBMIT I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above TERMS and CONDITIONS.


    Steve Taylor – President & CEO
    Luis Vendrell – Vice President of Product Development
    Michelle Knapik – Vice President of Finance
    Rachel Boggs – Manager, Creative Content & Design
    Karen Finley – Manager, Sales & Marketing
    Kelly Scheid – Ecommerce Manager
    Jamie Risedorf – Consumer Support
    Jocelyn Barton – Shipping & EDI Clerk